Jacquelyn Sharpe LMBT# 08233

Jacquelyn Sharpe has been a licensed massage therapist since 2006.  She has a background in alternative healthcare practices and preventatives including: preparing raw/living food, the use of medicinal plants, relaxation techniques, and a variety of massage modalities. 

She attended the Professional Massage Training Center in Springfield, Missouri in 2005 and began working on the aches and pains of the public in 2006.  While working as a massage therapist at Grove Spa in Springfield, she also worked at a local health food store as a Living Foods Chef.  Nearly every day she would prepare the healthiest, tastiest food to facilitate healing and overall well being for the locals.  She also provided the recipes for the juice and smoothie bar when the store expanded to a second location and now third location in Springfield, and would occasionally teach, preparing large raw dinners.

She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Sustainable Development with a focus in Agroecology from Appalachian State and is currently attending a Master's program at the Jung Tao School of Chinese Medicine. Besides studying acupuncture, she also studies the native medicinal herbs of the beautiful southern Appalachia's, and is fascinated with the application of acupuncture during the birthing process. 

Jacquelyn believes that healing touch is a necessity, rather than a privilege.  She understands and is willing to work with financial restrictions.  Please don't hesitate to contact her and discuss a health care plan that best fits your finances.

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